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2pc Gold Diamond Flooded Fangs

Seattle Gold Grills grillz 2pc Gold VVs Honeycomb Set Diamond Flooded Top Fangs

2pc Gold Diamond Flooded Fangs

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2pc Gold VVs Honeycomb Set Diamond Flooded Top Fangs

2 Teeth Honeycomb Diamond Grillz are very popular year round.  Honeycomb setting fits the most Round brilliant diamonds as possible!  

These Diamond Teeth Grillz can be shipped to your doorstep no problem.

We offer SI Diamond Grillz, VS Diamond Grillz, and VVs Diamond Grillz upon your request!



Fred the best in the game!

I personally have bought 4 grillz from him and each one was flawless. Super fast on the return time too, plus the man is very genuine and truly loves what he does and it shows. #GOSEEFRED 

Eben Palmer

Yo I was a little worried about spending money from another city... But I got to say it was well worth it!!! I had to educate myself on the business and when I did I understood the process and you can’t rush a custom product especially with teeth.. When I reached out someone was alway available and they was honest with me even if I didn’t want to hear it... The company was professional and courteous... I highly recommend and will definitely be purchasing again 

Niquita Douthard

Mishaps happen I had an issue with the set they sent me I was inform this morning they received my grill back and the owner Fred said they will get right on top of it thank you.

Anthony Fisher

Wish I had taken a photo to share how beautifully made this gold chain was! 10 out of 10 would recommend, ill definitely be a returning customer.

Ashley Bonilla
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